Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program

Building a Brighter Future for Massachusetts

After helping Massachusetts retain the No. 1 spot for the 7th consecutive year in the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is setting their sights even higher for the most energy-efficient state in the nation by launching the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program.

SMART, a long-term sustainable solar incentive program sponsored by Eversource, National Grid and Unitil, will encourage the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology throughout the state by supporting 1,600 MW of new solar generating capacity. The new capacity awards have begun with 17 projects totaling 53.273 MW of solar PV. These new Solar Tariff Generation Units (STGUs) will generate clean, renewable power for decades to come. Along with this first block of awards, the Base Compensation Rate levels have been set for the SMART program. In the early summer of 2018, the SMART Program will become available to solar PV projects of all types and sizes.

With your help, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for Massachusetts.


Value of Energy Workbook Updated and Posted 5/1/18

Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (MA DOER) has updated the Behind The Meter (BTM) Value of Energy Workbook as of 5.1.18. The BTM Value of Energy Workbook provides solar developers and owners a tool to estimate the SMART solar program incentives available for various system sizes and types in all the eligible utility territories in Massachusetts. Be sure to use the most up to date version, available at the link above or under Additional Resources.

MA DOER has also finalized the Guidelines for Agricultural, Brownfield, and Low Income Solar Tariff Generation Units in the SMART Program. Those guidelines, along with others for the Statement of Qualification (SQ) Reservation Period, for Land Use and Siting, and for Capacity Blocks, Base Compensation Rates, and Compensation Rate Adders can also be downloaded under Additional Resources.

Block 1 to Reopen Later in 2018

The SMART Program is not currently accepting applications. The date when the SMART Program reopens has not been finalized. However, it will not be earlier than May 2018, and may very well be later in the year. This is because the Program cannot reopen until the SMART tariff proceeding with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (MA DPU) regarding the SMART Program tariff has been finalized. The SMART Program tariff proceeding is docketed as D.P.U. 17-140 and the notice of this docket can be found here: DPU 17-140. Once the MA DPU finalizes the SMART tariff, the program launch date will be announced. When the program reopening is announced, we will post the information on this website and will plan to give applicants several weeks to prepare.

When Block 1 reopens, solar PV developers with projects of virtually all types and sizes are welcome to apply via the SMART Program application portal. Eligible and complete applications with all required supporting documents will be processed on a first come-first served basis. However, there are special requirements in Block 1 for projects between 1 MW up to 5 MW: these can only apply to Block 1 if they are eligible for at least one of the Base Compensation Rate Adders as noted in Section 20.07(3)c. If a 1 MW – 5 MW project is not eligible for one of the Adders, it must wait to apply in Block 2.

As each Electric Distribution Company’s (EDC) Block 1 is filed, we will immediately start accepting applications for Block 2 for that EDC. The timing of each Block 2 opening will vary by EDC and is dependent upon how quickly their Block 1 fills. We will not accept applications for Block 2 in advance of any Block 1 being filled. Note that there are five EDCs/territories and five separate Blocks.

As we get closer to the reopening of Block 1, we will post more information on this website. We also intend to host webinars and/or seminars to assist applicants to prepare for the reopening.

Baseline Compensation Rates Established

Good news: Compensation levels for Block #1 are now set. For details, please download the Base Compensation Rates PDF.

Block 1 Competitive RFP: 53.273 MW Awarded

Congratulations to all the developers whose bids were accepted for Block 1. The first phase of the SMART Program was a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) for large solar PV projects of 1 MW to 5 MW in size. The purposes of the RFP were to obtain large amounts of solar for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at competitive costs, and to use those competitive costs as a baseline for establishing the SMART Program incentives going forward. On behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, Eversource Energy, National Grid and Unitil, we are pleased to announce the following successful bidders to the SMART Program Block 1 Competitive RFP:

NSTAR d/b/a Eversource Energy

510 PV Project Development, LLC: 2.000 MW awarded to Washburn Road Solar in Freetown

WMECO d/b/a Eversource Energy

Altus Power America Inc.: 1.000 MW awarded to BL MA Solar, LLC in Blandford
Long Plain Solar, LLC: 2.000 MW awarded to Long Plain Solar in South Deerfield
Sunpin: 4.700 MW awarded to Otis Stage Rd. Blandford Solar Farm in Blandford

Massachusetts Electric d/b/a National Grid

Bowden Solar Farm, LLC: 2.000 MW awarded to Bowden Solar in Monson
New Braintree Renewables, LLC: 1.670 MW awarded to New Braintree Renewables in New Braintree
New Braintree Solar 2, LLC: 1.000 MW awarded to New Braintree Solar 2 in New Braintree
Ameresco: 2.500 MW awarded to Otter River Road Solar LLC in Gardner
Oak Square Partners, LLC: 4.980 MW awarded to West Orange Solar in Orange
Oxford Community Solar LLC: 4.000 MW awarded to Oxford Solar in Oxford
510 PV Project Development, LLC: 3.468 MW awarded to River Street Solar in Palmer
Wachusett Solar, LLC: 2.000 MW awarded to Wachusett Solar in Rutland
510 PV Project Development, LLC: 4.950 MW awarded to West Street Solar in Gardner
Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC: 3.995 MW awarded to Williamsburg East Street Solar LLC in Goshen
Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC: 4.970 MW awarded to Winchendon Ash Street Solar 1 LLC in Winchendon
Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC: 3.150 MW awarded to Winchendon Lincoln Avenue Solar 1 LLC in Winchendon
Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC: 4.890 MW awarded to Winchendon Lincoln Avenue Solar 2 LLC in Winchendon

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